ESPRIT arena Technology - uniquely equipped for unique Corporate Events

  • Retractable, opaque roof: Both elements of the 110 x 70 metre roof opening can be retracted or closed according to requirements in just 30 minutes.
  •  Primary parts of this construction: two moveable roof elements, each weighing around 800 tonnes. The roof elements can also be opened or closed during an event.
  • Can be darkened completely.
  • Sound-insulated: This roof enables the ESPRIT arena to be both heat- and sound-insulated.
  •  Independent of the weather/heatable: The ESPRIT arena is equipped with a state-of-the-art heating system. With a closed roof, visitors sit in the stands at temperatures of at least 15°C. This means that the ESPRIT arena can be used for events all year round, whatever the weather.
  • 18,000 parking spaces are available to visitors in the direct surroundings of the ESPRIT arena. These are in the large P1 and P2 parking areas in the north as well as P5 and the ESPRIT arena multi-storey car park P7 in the south.

You can find further technical information on the ESPRIT arena here:

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