Sustainability Management

As one of Europe’s largest event companies, Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event GmbH has firmly anchored the concept of sustainability in their corporate philosophy. The company regards ecologically efficient and socially responsible management as a continual process which is permanently integrated into everyday business. By implementing environmentally-friendly rules and promoting ecologically sound behaviour, Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event has attained an exemplary level of achievement. By means of a variety of measures, the company guarantees that day-to-day business is as environmentally-friendly as possible.


Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event is committed to minimising waste. This is achieved through the implementation of various re-use systems, in the case of floor coverings, crockery/cutlery and packaging, for example. In addition, the creation of digital brochures has enabled the implementation of a paperless workflow. 

Logistics und transport

  • Public transport: Together with its partners, Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event is able to offer attractive public transport packages. This means, for example, that visitors to many events have the possibility to use low-cost combination tickets to travel to and from the venue – the event entrance ticket can be used throughout the local transport network as travel ticket.
  • Vehicles: Two natural gas vehicles are part of the Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event fleet. Natural gas vehicles emit significantly less harmful substances than petrol or diesel vehicles. They also produce less CO2 and can be driven using renewable biogas. The company also has an emission-free electric vehicle in its own fleet. The VW E-up is one of the most efficient vehicles in its class.
  • Traffic routing: Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event has implemented an orientation system in the city to facilitate traffic routing to the Messe, to the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf and to the other venues.


Energy plays a large role in the sustainability management of Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event. The company uses a timer switch programme to ensure a needs-based electricity management system.

The venues are also air-conditioned and heated in an energy-conscious and sustainable way. Alternative energy sources, such as the cogeneration units in the ISS DOME and in the ESPRIT arena, are also used. The use of LED lighting, for example in the ESPRIT arena, allows an energy-optimising lighting concept. The preparation of the ice in the ISS DOME is also energy efficient and features an intelligent control and energy recovery system.

Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event provides E-charging stations at the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE, the ESPRIT arena and at the ISS DOME for the charging of electric vehicles; these can be used not only by event visitors but also by local residents. 

ÖKOPROFIT – ESPRIT arena and ISS DOME participation

By participating in the ÖKOPROFIT project, Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event is expanding both its sustainability management and its relevant network in the state capital of North-Rhine Westphalia. The exchange with other participating companies and institutions enables the company to generate new ideas and suggestions for continuing and further developing its sustainable energy management practices.