Corporate Events in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a dynamic economic centre in North Rhine-Westphalia and is popular as a venue for corporate events – from small conferences and seminars to exceptional incentive ideas, team-building events, after-work parties or product presentations, to AGMs. Some occasions simply demand a more outstanding environment than the company’s own meeting room, particularly when there’s something special to discuss, present or celebrate. In Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event’s venues you can select from among a wealth of possibilities to make your event an unforgettable experience. 

In the Interior Space – Grass or Ice

The two multifunctional halls ESPRIT arena and ISS DOME are suitable as special venues not only for sporting events and concerts, but also for conferences, seminars, exhibitions, AGMs or special corporate events with a team-building character.

Use those areas that are normally reserved for athletes and artists and have your company take centre stage. Whether your own football tournament on the big pitch of the ESPRIT arena or a small, elegant Dinner on Ice in the ISS DOME, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks to its versatility, the interior space of the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE is also suitable for both AGMs and corporate events with cult status. You, too, can make your big appearance here just like stars such as Iggy Pop, Genesis and Elton John. The 4,600 sqm exhibition space is ideal for exhibitions and commodities exchanges, in particular.

If you prefer something smaller, the interior space of CASTELLO Düsseldorf will allow your creativity to have free rein. This venue is particularly suitable for closing ceremonies and anniversaries, but also for top-class TV show productions. 

Clubs – large or small

Whether a gala evening, reception, press conference, seminar or product presentation – in Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event’s various Business Clubs, suites and VIP rooms, not only can you work with concentration, but you can also party the night away. 

Top-class and tailored events can be implemented in the exclusive PLATINUM CLUB of the ESPRIT arena, for example. The size-adjustable VIP suites East represent a wide range of possibilities for your corporate event. The spectacular view into the interior space of the ESPRIT arena will amaze your guests.

The bar lounge atmosphere of the ISS DOME Business Club not only impresses with its stylish and exclusive furnishings, but also offers outstanding flexibility with its various seating arrangements. 

Conference Sets – Plenary or Break out

As one of Germany’s most important economic and scientific centres, Düsseldorf is a popular venue for conventions and conferences. In addition to classic convention and conference centres, Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event GmbH also offers a broad portfolio of special event locations and arenas.

If you prefer it classic, you will love the flexible room concept of the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf. The convention centre is not only suitable for national and international conventions, but is also ideal as a venue for corporate gatherings and AGMs of all sizes.

Are you looking for a more unusual conference venue in a special environment? Then book the PLATINUM CLUB or one of the 12 VIP suites East in the ESPRIT arena. 

The excellent international transport connections, a high-performance hotel industry and short routes within the city provide the optimal framework conditions for your conference in Düsseldorf.

Exibition Halls or Station Airport

The various halls of the Messe offer generous room for play for your event. The flexible and multifunctional concept of Halls 6, 8a and 8b, in particular, fulfil the highest requirements and allow the implementation of top-class corporate events, large exhibitions and product presentations as well as complex TV shows. From 2019, the new Hall 1 will provide an additional, spectacular space for your company event.

Or the special venue Station Airport in the long-distance station of Düsseldorf Airport is also available for remarkable company events. The Station Airport is characterised by a fantastic view of the take-off and landing runways through the panorama window and it will seem like you can almost touch the aeroplanes from the connected outside terrace area. The optimal environment for pole-position company events. 

You’re planning an extra special event? As one of the world’s largest venues and with 333,000 sqm of floor space, HORISUM offers plenty of room! Find out more about the HORISUM event space here.